FPCA was founded in 1953 after a series of meetings and outreach conducted by T.W. Barnes in Arcadia. Bro. Barnes and others helping him including T.D. Cardwell, went door to door in Arcadia teaching and witnessing in people’s homes and on their doorsteps.  Those door to door interactions led to many receiving the Holy Ghost. Thereafter, a tent revival took place and many more received the Holy Ghost and were baptized. Over a short span of time there was a need for a church in Arcadia and the church as we know it began.  In 2019 we celebrated 66 years of revival in Arcadia.

Since May of 2007, FPCA has been pastored by Donnie Underwood and his wife Tanya. They have four children: Shayla, Kyle, Mack and Morgan. Prior to his appointment as pastor he served as Assistant Pastor for 14 years at FPCA.  Donnie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a National Certified Counselor. He remains in clinical practice in Arcadia.  He has previously served 3 separate terms as the President of the Louisiana Association of Marriage and Family Counselors.  Donnie has previously served as American Red Cross Mental Health Liaison for the State of Louisiana.  He has traveled the country extensively providing disaster mental health services and teaching disaster related classes. He is also a specialized trainer for military classes related to trauma and other issues related to the military.  Donnie has a Bachelor of Criminal Justice from LSUS, a Master of Arts in Counseling from Louisiana Tech University and a Specialist in Education degree from Louisiana Tech.

Tanya Underwood has been actively involved in ministry since the age of 15.  Tanya has as an A.S. Degree from Bossier Parish Community College. Tanya is actively involved as a volunteer providing equestrian therapy for children with special needs.